The Little Book of Pin-Up Vargas

$ 10.00
Details and Care

Artist Alberto Vargas transformed women images deemed rique and reimagined them. Through his Vargas pin-up art lens, his lushly gorgeous paintings of ladies emerged elite and mainstream. A longtime contributor to Playboy, Vargas was hired by Hugh Hefner in 1959. He went on to paint over 152 artifacts for the publication. Now here’s a chance to own your very own collection of Vargas artwork assembled from prints, paintings and lithographs.


Little Book of Pin-up Vargus is the standout your book collection has been missing.  Showcasing his favorite muses — women— and the curvaceous beauty of the female form, this volume is the perfect addition for any women art collection. All artwork, rendered in the delicate stylings of watercolor and airbrush, provides a master class for inspiring artists. And for art lovers? This mini-tome is a gorgeous and cherished keepsake.