Rabbit Heads Adjustable Face Mask - Blue

$ 18.00
Details and Care

When it comes to staying healthy and stylish, Playboy has you covered. Our Winter face mask is perfect for the colder months to keep you safe and warm.

This mask comes in blue and features the rabbit head logo tiled across the front. Made of soft micropoly fabric polyester and spandex, it provides comfort and flexibility for an easy fit. It’s also moisture-wicking and antimicrobial to keep for that extra protection.



  • After each use hand-wash with detergent in warm water at 80 degrees F
  • Or machine wash on delicates setting, hang to dry
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling your mask after each use


  • Playboy face masks are not meant to be worn as a substitute for sheltering in place
  • These masks provide an alternative to medical-grade masks for the general public
  • These masks are not designed for medical professionals 
  • These masks should not be used in treating patients with COVID-19 
  • These masks are not a substitute for surgical masks


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