The Little Book of Butts, by Dian Hanson

$ 10.00
Details and Care

This book is picture proof the biggest and best booty gains come in small packages. Welcome to the Little Book of Butts, a page-turning party for the posterior. This collection can’t answer if squats make your butt bigger. Nor can it give you tips for a booty building workout. Instead, this petite treat tome visually praises the allure of an ample bottom.


This is not just any butt book, it features over 150 images from The Big Book of Butts, plus 30 new images of the best badonkaonks ever photographed. But (pun intended) this compact mini-book can be taken on the go. This 192-page ode to rear ends spans from the 1950s to present day. Voluptuous curves of all sizes are showcased— including big butt mature women.  Need inspiration for your big butt workout gym goals? Live to celebrate a beautiful buttocks? This little nude butt book is for you.

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