Halloween Rabbit Heads Adjustable Face Mask

$ 14.99
Details and Care

The main reason to sport a face mask is to stay safe and healthy. Now Playboy is helping accessorize your face covering by season. Introducing our Halloween Rabbit Heads Adjustable Face Mask. It’s a sleek black mask covered in a pattern of orange Playboy Bunny logos. Adds a splash of color and style to any wardrobe. Commit to its comfortable and easy fit. Made of soft micro poly fabric polyester and spandex. It’s moisture-wicking and antimicrobial for dryness and extra protection.



- After each use hand-wash with detergent in warm water at 80 degrees F
- Or machine wash on delicates setting. Hang to dry
- Wash hands thoroughly after handling your mask after each use


- Playboy Reusable Face Masks are not meant to be worn as a substitute for sheltering in place
- Our goal is to provide an alternative to medical-grade masks for the general public
- These masks are not designed for medical professionals 
- These masks should not be used in treating patients with COVID-19 
- These masks are not a substitute for surgical masks.