Dali The Paintings

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Who wouldn’t want a famous Salvador Dali painting? Featuring his surrealism style in legendary works like Elephant or The Persistence of Memory (those iconic melting clocks)? The book Dali The Paintings fills the void. Robert Descharnes and Gilles Néret offer a complete study of this Spanish master by collecting rare and inaccessible painted work, drawings, sculptures, lithographs and etchings. 


An essential collection for art lovers, both novice and expert. Newcomers graduate from Dali University after learning his interpretation of the subconscious and its strange workings. Dali enthusiasts can connect intimately with the iconic painter through his personal writings, drawings and other archival material. This Salvador Dali artwork book doesn’t just look good on your coffee table. It’s the definitive collection that unlocks endless treasures.

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