Andy Warhol Polaroids 1958–1987

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Pop Art legend and Playboy contributor Andy Warhol had a unique eye for trailblazing art and photo — even his polaroids are iconic. The book Andy Warhol Polaroids assembles these images over 408 pages all in one collection.


The wide range of diverse subjects featured are dizzying from self portraits to still lives to nudes to New York society to Dolly Parton to Keith Haring to Grace Jones and Cabbage Patch dolls. There’s truly a famous subject for every audience. The instant photos  document the life of an artist and his subjects. But it provides a document of Warhol’s eclectic world, life and times. Plus the many famous and infamous players present throughout his life. A must have for Warhol fans, photography enthusiasts and pop art lovers everywhere. No coffee table should be without one.

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