Our vote is clear - Batman for the win!

Beatles vs. Rolling Stones, cats vs. dogs, mayonnaise vs. Miracle Whip (depends!), Yankees vs. Red Sox, Lakers vs. Celtics, some battles are eternal and you just have to pick sides. And when it comes to Batman versus Superman, we’re going with Batman all they way. And we’ll tell you why: He exudes dark cool, like Prince to Michael Jackson’s Superman—we like Michael Jackson, but we love Prince. 

Batman is human, he has no super power so he relies on skill, training, and intelligence. He’s no boy scout either, rather a vigilante willing to work outside of law. And’s he’s really rich with super cool toys just like…Hugh Hefner. Is it a coincidence Bruce Wayne is referred to as millionaire—later billionaire—playboy?

"I think Superman fans love the idyllic moral purity of the character, he represents an almost divine-like ideal that makes people feel hopeful and safe. But Batman fans relate to the human element of the character, he has vengeance and rage in him that he funnels and focuses towards a mission,” says Alex Gregg, one of New York’s premiere comic-book dealers. "That’s why I think there are more adult Batman fans than there are Superman, there is a maturity in the Batman character, he is flawed and we learn that about ourselves as we grow older."

And what’s more grown-up than Playboy? And what’s the one thing cooler than the Bat symbol? The Playboy bunny of course (along with a little dash of Black Flag for good measure). So when you combine them? Ice cold. Just ask Mr. Freeze, originally played by the legendary Otto Preminger, shown here with Hef in 1969, in one of the many instances of two of America’s most iconic franchises joining forces over the years. 

So this limited edition T may be the lastest, but it’s surely not the final installment in the saga…