The White Rabbits Collection

As part of our military assortment, Playboy teamed up with Lot, Stock and Barrel (LSB) to design the White Rabbits Collection as an ode to our long standing support of the US military.In 1966, Playmate of the year Jo Collins began visiting soldiers in the Vietnam War in an effort to take their minds off the darkness that surrounded them. To many, she became a beacon of hope and a reminder of home. Archived images show Jo wear

Jo Collins in Vietnam, 1966ing a black top with a white Rabbit Head logo. She flew from base to base in a helicopter dubbed “Playboy Special” emblazoned with a white rabbit. It is this sentiment of support and appreciation in which we follow her lead. Jo Collins is our muse for the White Rabbits Collection.

Jo Collins in Vietnam, 1966

The featured item in this collection is the Limited Edition Playboy field coat. LSB sourced authentic U.S. Military field coats, sending them to their Downtown LA facility where they were cut to modern size and given new life.  Each one is 100% unique. Having lived a former life, these coats are adorned with original patchwork and scars that tell the story of the service member who wore it. It was important to both Playboy and LSB that these coats be true in design and fabric so to genuinely celebrate their heritage.

Jo Collins in Vietnam, 1966

The fatigue field coat was widely seen during the Vietnam War. This style combines functionality and comfort, protecting against the natural elements of any environment. The coats are made of sateen and dyed in various hues of olive drab.

Playboy Special in Vietnam, 1966Lot, Stock and Barrel is a full service design studio and retail concept that provides specialized creative services to the retail, marketing, fashion, apparel, entertainment and hospitality industries.